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Painting or Preserving Wood Accents

Painting or Preserving Wood Accents

Posted by Kristen O’Coin

Here’s a controversial design topic — to paint wood trim or not to paint wood trim? Are you a painter or a preserver?

In my home, my dad was of the opinion that no wood should ever be painted. To him there was nothing more sacred than the natural wood grain showing on a beautiful piece of furniture, trim or floor. Why paint something with such natural beauty?

My opinion was shaped not only by his influence but also by my love for decorating with white. So I ended up in the middle somewhere. I attribute my appreciation for the natural beauty of wood to him, but I also love the clean look of all white trim and furniture.

A quick search on Houzz, Pinterest or any home decor site shows a lot of painted accents these days. But it isn’t always necessary to follow the trends to a tee… find your perfect mix of trend paint and natural wood grain. I love both!

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feature photo credit: jilleatsapples via photopin cc

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