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The Tiny Farmhouse :: Welcome Home

The Tiny Farmhouse :: Welcome Home

Posted by Kristen O’Coin

Ever wondered what it’s like being married to a contractor? Well, in this family it comes with some CRAZY ideas being pitched at the dinner table. Matt and I dreamed of renovating an old home, restoring it and creating a beautiful new space for our family. BUT, I never dreamed it would look like this when we started. Welcome to the Tiny Farmhouse.

The Tiny Farmhouse

For some inexplicable reason, I immediately jumped on board and thought it was a genius idea when Matt suggested we renovate this tiny brick building. Who wouldn’t want to renovate an 850 square foot house full of hay into their family dream home? To say it needed some TLC would be an enormous understatement. At around 130 years old, it had housed many families, but had most recently been converted into a storage barn by the last owner (a close family friend). With a little bit of passion and determination we began the journey of making it ours.

Hard to believe people thought we were crazy to take this on 😉 Here are views of the main floor and upstairs.

The main floor

Up the stairs

Operation Tiny Farmhouse has taken a few unexpected turns but we are almost finished the project and I am excited to share this journey with you! Maybe it will inspire you to go after something everyone thinks is crazy 🙂

Next Up — Gutting the Place

Photo credit: Marquise Construction

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