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The Tiny Farmhouse :: Bathroom

The Tiny Farmhouse :: Bathroom

Back to our little house! A while ago I shared some pictures of the “before” of our little dream house. We started the project without knowing exactly what the end result would be.

The space for the bathroom was pretty tiny (well let’s face it, everything about the house would be tiny) but we tried to make the most of it! Here is a picture of the “before” corner where the bathroom would be. And just to make things interesting, I had pre-purchased a large soaker tub months earlier that I was determined to fit in!

Farmhouse Bathroom After













We worked with Rhonda Hill of Coredecor to select the tile accents and paint colour. This colour would be used throughout the whole house. And, I’m happy to report, the final product was a pleasant surprise!

Farmhouse Bathroom Before


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