The construction industry is known for trailing deadlines, overrun budgets and breakdowns in communication.

We are not.



We believe success is never an accident, it is purposefully driven toward and achieved. This is why we take a strategic approach to planning, building and delivering your project. Our Unique Process and high standard for communication enable us to bring your vision to reality, on budget and on time.

Our expertise and experience lends itself to large residential renovations and new commercial building. 


We have the privilege of collaborating with clients on the most creative projects! These projects represent the fulfillment of not just our client’s vision, but also the fulfilment of our own. Creating truly unique, distinct and one of a kind spaces is our entrepreneurial dream come true.


In 2009 we set out to establish a construction company that would do things differently, strategically placing value on creativity, excellence in craftsmanship, while creating a process that simplified building for our clients. 

Marquise specializes in large residential and commercial renovations, as well as new commercial building. Our passion is to create unique and distinctive spaces in collaboration with our clients. 


Thank you so much for our beautiful “new” home. We absolutely love every last detail. You and your team were a pleasure to work with. We appreciate everyone’s hard work, attention to detail and professionalism.

Home Owners, Residential Renovation – Napanee, Ontario

At Marquise you will have the opportunity to think strategically, partner with an excellent team and work on creative projects while developing your craftsmanship and professional skills. Joining our team is a step from simply having a job to creating a successful career path for your future. 

When we first stepped in to our home in Old East Hill, we recognized immediately the potential it had. Matt stepped in and immediately saw it too!! In a two-year labour of love, Matt and his crew were consistently in tune with our needs, and always had creative ideas when we were stuck. Matt was in constant communication with us by text and phone, and his professionalism was impeccable. While Matt and his crew were part of our everyday routine, they were consistently kind, patient, respectful, and tidy. In the rare occasion that we would come across a challenge, Matt already knew Plan B and Plan C to present to us. Matt truly listened to our goals and visions for our home, and with his team, provided us an incredible place to call our own. Matt’s craftsmanship is amazing, evident in our woodwork and design. When we were struggling with furnishing our home office, Matt seemed to know what would truly make magic in the room, and created a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, complete with a sliding ladder! We cannot thank Matt and Marquise Construction enough for sharing our vision and guiding us through our major renovation project! Without you, it simply wouldn’t be home.

Home Owners, The Rose Garden Inn Renovation – Belleville, Ontario